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august 18th
biodynamic wine dinner ~ with mchenry hohnen
enjoy the organic and biodynamic wines from this award-winning margaret river winery


/ˌbʌɪə(ʊ)dʌɪˈnamɪk/ - adj.

1. of or relating to a system of farming that follows a sustainable, holistic approach which uses only organic, usually locally-sourced materials for fertilizing and soil conditioning, views the farm as a closed, diversified ecosystem, and often bases farming activities on lunar cycles

the mchenry hohnen vineyard is a farm brimming with life and symbiotic relationships – the microorganisms fostered in naturally brewed tonic bring vibrancy to the soil, olives ripen in the groves, bees deliver honey while pollinating the flora, chickens feast on spring weevils and deliver fat fresh eggs – in a natural ecosystem where people are part of the system and the harmony that it creates.

we're thrilled to be partnering with mchenry hohnen for this very special wine dinner. you will have the opportunity to enjoy seven of their exquisite organic and biodynamic wines, with five paired courses from the servo kitchen. we will be joined by vineyard founder murray mchenry, who will guide our journey through their cellar.


2021 rocky road rosé

pumpkin arancini & saffron aioli

duck liver pâté with wine jelly


2021 calgardup sauvignon blanc

oyster, geraldton wax, mignonette

ajoblanco, crab tostada

entree / site comparison

2019 hazel’s vineyard chardonnay

2019 burnside vineyard chardonnay

smoked salmon, cream leeks, hazelnut


mystery wine course


2020 tiger country tempranillo

pork neck char siu, pickled cucumber


2019 hazel’s vineyard zinfandel

chai panna cotta, cereal ice cream


thursday 18th august

6:30pm arrival for a 7:00pm sit-down

all dietary requirements welcome

(substitutions available)